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Raccoon Avatar

This mesh avatar was made for use in Second Life and involved modelling, rigging and animation with Blender and textures with Photoshop.

Hellboy mecha-glove ‘Scorpion Cage’

Lately, I’ve been working on some modelling for Joshua Craig’s Hellboy Mecha-glove project; I’d previously modelled some less integral parts, but was honoured to be given the task of creating this much more central piece for the project. If you’re familiar with Hellboy (in particular, the first movie), you’ll know that the mecha-glove was a…

Dionaea Botan Avatar

Based on my original sketch, this avatar was built as the second generation of plant-based sentient life in The Wastelands – an open residential and roleplay estate on Second Life. Set in a far off post-apocalypse, the Botans are but one of many potential hazards that must be braved there. Avatar was modelled, weighted, textured…

Frog Avatar

12 diminuitive frog avatars designed, modelled, weighted and textured for use in Second Life. 5Ktris.

Peryton Avatars

  A series of winged antelope characters were drawn, modelled, weighted and textured for use in Second Life as avatars for regular use. They come in at roughly 6.2Ktris.