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Karlei’s Point

Karlei’s Point – personal interpretation of a dagger from popular video game, Diablo 3. Mapped out details by initial sketch, then translated to zBrush and printed with Wood PLA and hand-finished & painted.

Hellboy mecha-glove ‘Scorpion Cage’

Lately, I’ve been working on some modelling for Joshua Craig’s Hellboy Mecha-glove project; I’d previously modelled some less integral parts, but was honoured to be given the task of creating this much more central piece for the project. If you’re familiar with Hellboy (in particular, the first movie), you’ll know that the mecha-glove was a…

Royal Ring of Grandeur replica

    Some months ago, I decided I’d model my own version of the Diablo 3 Royal Ring of Grandeur, which is used by most (all?) of the classes in the game to reduce the number of set items needed to use specific set-specific effects. Since I’ve had a number of things printed recently via…