2D/3D Graphic design, illustration
  • Scorpion King's Bracelet - Replica Prop Commission

  • Michigan Central Train Station Lobby

  • Plants, Trees & other Vegetation for gaming environments

  • Double Snake Pendant - Zbrush, SLA Resin print

  • Pen, ink, gouache, ~9x12"

  • The Wandering God: River of Fire. Interior artwork for Joshua Pantalleresco. 9x12" ink on illustration board.

  • Frail Inarius - Diablo 3 Necromancer. ~11x23", digital.

  • Russel and Rocky - oil on board, 9x12"

  • Father Jun - oil on board, 9x12"

  • Clive Myrie - oil on board, 12x16"

  • Tea House Bridge - Hong Kong

  • HUB

  • Marriott Atlanta Marquis

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