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Michigan Central Train Station

The Michigan Central Train Station is an ongoing personal project that is part of an effort to recreate abandoned or inaccessible places in 3D spaces. Blender, Quixel Suite 2, Photoshop.  

Virtual Health Adventures

Visitors to Health Adventures II can learn about historical prosthetics and even see a few in 3D. They can also go on to try on their own arm or leg prosthetics and use them as part of an orientation activity, which aims to familiarize new amputees with the use of their new prosthesis.    I collaborated with Virtual…

Ozimals Bunny Game

The Ozimals Bunny breedable pet game featured a genetic system that covered over 70 varieties of digital pet rabbits and accessories distributed widely across the virtual platform, Second Life. Popularity from their official release in January of 2010 grew exponentially and through the collaborative efforts of myself,Desolate Studios and Ozimals house staff, the Ozimals Bunny game has…

The Vesuvius Group & American Museum of Natural History Summer Program

  In collaboration with The Vesuvius Group, I was tasked to create a modular set of cretaceous sea creatures for the American Museum of Natural History in summer of 2013.  The project required three animals – a coelecanth, mosasaur and cretoxyrhina – to be made for use with a summer program developed for children attending a summer camp program…