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Desolate Studio logo & Site UI design

Logo and site design services were provided for Desolate Studios, which provides scripting services in virtual worlds for various commercial, educational and governmental institutions. In keeping with a post-apocalyptic theme, I worked closely with the client to arrive at a look and feel appropriate to their preference.

Virtual Health Adventures – Program Logo development

Client Virtual Ability required development of a logo with both verbose and abbreviated versions that would be eye-catching in both black & white and colour. Branding reflects a much larger program (which I also provided work for) which strove to provide education to recent amputees for use of their prosthesis and many related tasks.

Wilds of Organica HUD graphics

For the past couple of years, I’ve been making mesh animal avatars for Second Life and making HUD graphics to match. I never really got around to releasing them altogether, so here are all of the logos (so far) together 😀