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Business Stationery

The Client had a sizable takeout menu that they wanted to kick up a step, visually. Rather than sending out text-heavy black and white leaflets with no graphics, we chose to add a variety of eyecatches, including fresh photos and bright colours, to compliment their takeout offerings.

The Client wanted a simple business card with a touch of luxury to compliment their upscale home renovation business and after some feedback, was happy to receive these business cards with satin-finish with spot-lamination.
Personal business cards 🙂

Desolate Studio logo & Site UI design

Logo and site design services were provided for Desolate Studios, which provides scripting services in virtual worlds for various commercial, educational and governmental institutions. In keeping with a post-apocalyptic theme, I worked closely with the client to arrive at a look and feel appropriate to their preference.

Virtual Health Adventures – Program Logo development

Client Virtual Ability required development of a logo with both verbose and abbreviated versions that would be eye-catching in both black & white and colour. Branding reflects a much larger program (which I also provided work for) which strove to provide education to recent amputees for use of their prosthesis and many related tasks.