3D modelling, illustration, photography and more!

I have created props and offered modelling services since 2015. Projects have included work with EVA foam, Worbla, 3D modelling and design for print with SLA, metal sintering and FDM methods. I'm an experienced painter using both brush and airbrush methods, using acrylic, watercolour and oil.

Karlei’s Point
Dragon Staff (commissioned) – Zbrush
Diablo 3 – Visage of Giyua voodoo mask – Worbla, acrylic paint, helmet hardware.
Star Wars – Captain Ithano helmet – EVA, Worbla, Bondo, acrylic paint.
Ammonite pendant. ZBrush, SLA resin print.
Diablo 3 – Focus & Restraint rings – sintered bronze/steel
The Mummy Returns – Scorpion King Bracelet – work in progress
Double Snake Amulet
Hellboy mecha-glove ‘Scorpion Cage’
Royal Ring of Grandeur replica